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About Brett

In a previous life I worked as a biotechnologist, but uncertainty over the future value of genetic engineering, together with the limited career options for scientists in this country lead me to pursue a career as an Internet developer. I created my first website in the Summer of 1995. From September 1997 to October 1999 I worked for the University of Essex, where I worked as a Computer Officer with responsibility for looking after the centrally managed web servers and web caches.

Between November 1999 and July 2001 I worked as an applications developer with a small web development company based in South West London, UK called digitalPeople intapps peoplecube. Mainly working with Microsoft products such as Active Server Pages, Visual Basic and SQL Server, I developed solutions for organisations such as Manpower Sweden, Belron (Autoglass/Carglass), GKN and The Stationery Office.

Following the dot com crash of 2001, I ended up being between full time jobs for a while so I started my own company, Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited. Oddly enough I actually bought the domain name for a joke, but ended up building a profitable business out of it. The business sells a range of innovative web-related products and software developer utilities, which so far have included the ASP Documentation Tool, ASP.NET Documentation Tool, the Indexing Service Companion, SQL Documentation Tool, Visual Basic 6.0 Documentation Tool and The Website Utility.

I have also done a considerable amount of writing about web technology over the years. I have also presented a talk on Browser Management at the Institutional Web Management: The Next Steps Workshop held at Goldsmiths College, London in September 1999 [a summary of the workshop is available]. I also contributed a couple of recipes to the Sams Publishing book ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook.

In my spare time I like to travel, cook, invest, and look after my tropical fish.

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