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This small application can be used to quickly edit MetaData in Microsoft FrontPageŽ created web pages (see screenshot). Once installed it can be accessed by using the MetaData command from the FrontPage Editor Edit menu*.

The program allows you to edit the following four commonly used Meta tags: Author, Reply-to, Description and Keywords. Additionally, it also allows you to edit the Robots Meta tag, and add the Refresh tag which allows you to specify that the web page automatically loads another web page after a certain amount of time.

The application has been released as freeware, but if you like the application you might like to support the author by purchasing items from using this link.

*In FrontPage 2000 this command is available from the Custom menu.

System requirements

Microsoft FrontPage FrontPage 98, or Microsoft FrontPage 2000. The product is not compatible with FrontPage 97.

Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.

Where to get the program

Use the link below to download the MetaData Editor:

   MetaData Editor 1.4 for Windows 95 and Windows NT (1.37 Mb ZIP file).

The MetaData Editor has been downloaded times since 30 December 1899.

What's new in this version

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Legal issues

The application has been released as 'freeware' on the condition that it is not modified in any way. The application may not be redistributed without permission from the author.

Limited technical support for this application is available by contacting the author. No responsibility will be accepted for any consequence arising from the installation of this program.

'Microsoft' and 'FrontPage', are copyrights of the Microsoft Corporation.

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