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Text Workbench

Text Workbench is a comprehensive file search and replacement utility for text files and Microsoft Office documents. It allows rapid file replacements to be made on multiple files and folders full of files. Advanced replacement options include regular expressions support. It even works on remote file systems via FTP. A Regular Expression Laboratory allows advanced pattern matching and replacement expressions to be built and tested. This great utility will make your everyday development tasks much easier!

Headline Features at a glance

  • Right click on a folder within the Windows Explorer to start Text Workbench in that folder - no need to mess around with the Windows Start menu or file requestors!
  • Find and replace on specific file types, or files matching a specific name.
  • Option to exclude specific file names from the find/replacement operation.
  • Optionally confirm all changes being made to files - handy when working with important files or files where not every instance needs to be modified.
  • Option to back up all files being processed, or save the modified files to a new location.
  • Option to performs find and replace on files modified in a specific time period. Preset time periods include the last few days or months.
  • Save a list of matching text to a separate text file.
  • Option to modify read only files.
  • Option to only work on files of a specific size.
  • Option to leave the modified date of the file unchanged.
  • Low price, with money saving volume discounts and site licence options.
  • Buy online and start using the full version immediately.

Want to try Text Workbench and see how much time it could save you? Then download a trial version of Text Workbench.

Regular Expression Laboratory

Regular Expressions are a set of advanced pattern matching algorithms that can be used to perform sophisticated string matching and text replacement operations on strings. They are useful for validating user input, . Many languages support Regular Expressions - Perl, Visual Basic 6.0, VBScript, ASP, Java and the .NET Framework (VB.NET and C#) all have Regular Expression support.

Unfortunately Regular Expressions can be difficult to learn! Fortunately Text Workbench comes supplied with an easy to use Regular Expression Laboratory used to test out pattern matching and substitutions. There are also a set of useful Regular Expressions and examples, which save hunting around in books or the Internet in order to find the right Regular Expression for a particular situation.

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