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Software Reviews

Below are some articles about useful software utilities I've found online:

  • Affmeter affiliate income monitoring software review. Affmeter is a useful tool for monitoring the amount of income generated from Internet affiliate marketing programs. It supports all of the major affiliate income schemes such as Google Adsense, Commission Junction, Linkshare and Clickbank. By allowing a website owner to track income it allows that user to focus future efforts on the affiliate schemes that earn significant revenue, and ditch those that don't.
  • Text Workbench review. Text Workbench is a comprehensive file search and replacement utility for text files and Microsoft Office documents.

  • Regular Expression Laboratory review. Regular Expressions allow sophisticated string pattern matching to be used within applications. The Regular Expression Laboratory allows developers to test out regular expressions before using them in their application code.
  • Time recording software is used to record the time spent working on client projects. Various time tracking tools are available for small and large organisations. These include freeware applications like HourGuard, and more complex solutions that integrate with billing and project management tools.
  • Cardboard Cutout Software. This cool software package is a lot of fun - it allows you to make your own life sized cardboard cutouts of friends, family, celebrities, footballers and other sports stars or absolutely anybody! Who knows you could probably even sell your cardboard cutouts and make some money in the process!

Other Reviews

  • How to cure Your RSI: Do you believe your RSI symptoms are incurable? That's what many occupational health advisors will tell you, but what they don't usually know is that it is possible to cure RSI.
  • End User Documentation Tools: A look at some of the useful tools and utilities for creating top quality end user documentation for your software product.
  • Document Tracking Software Tools: A look at some of the useful software packages for tracking both physical and electronic documents. Document tracking software is useful for tracking documents and case files in larger organisations that may have offices spread over multiple physical locations.
  • Microfiche Services: Many businesses are still using microfiche and microfilms for storing their important document archives. This article describes some of the ways of turning microfiche and microfilm records into digital versions.
  • PT Billing Software: Physiotherapy treatment billing is often fairly complicated due to patients having to come for treatment over several weeks or months, and the fact that many treatment plans are paid for by their employers or health insurers. Studies have shown that physiotherapy private practices that don't have dedicated billing software usually collect much lower patient revenues compared to practices that do have some kind of billing software in place. Other types of software can also bring benefits to a physiotherapy private practice - physiotherapy clinic software suites are specially designed to help with patient case history taking, note taking and treatment plans.

Other Reviews

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