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Home > Software Reviews > Life Size Cardboard Cutouts

Life Size Cardboard Cutouts

Looking for a life sized cardboard cutout? Here are the options for making life sized cardboard cutouts.

There are many companies that will sell you a cardboard cutout of a famous actor, musician or sports celebrity. But what if you need a cardboard cutout of a friend, work colleague or relative?

There are a number of websites that will allow you to order a custom built life sized cardboard cutout of anyone.

Custom Life Size Cutouts

The process of selecting a custom made cardboard cutout is as follows:

  • Select the photo you want to use for the cardboard cutout. Sometimes there are additional fees if there are more than one person in the photo and you want your standee to be of multiple people.
  • Select the material used to created the cutout. Hard wearing or waterproof materials generally cost more money.
  • Add an optional speech bubble to the cutout.
  • Specify additional photographic processing of the original image, such as restoring hidden arms and legs.
  • Wait for delivery of your cardboard cutout.
  • Custom designed cardboard cutouts generally come with a stand so that they can be made free standing for your event.

Make Your Own Life Size Cardboard Cutouts

Cardboard cutouts are expensive. If you want just a single cardboard person then you often have to pay a lot of postage money, as well as wait at home for your cutout to be delivered.

It's not always nice to have to spend a lot of money on a cardboard cutout. Many cutouts are just required for a party of other event, so they don't really need to be high quality. What's more is that cardboard cutouts are prone to getting damaged or rained on, so it's not worth going to the expense of buying one online if it's only going to get damaged from standing out in the rain or being messed around with by real people.

If you don't want to spend money on buying a cardboard cutout then an alternative is to make your own. There is a simple computer programme available that can help you to create your own life sized cardboard cutouts. The software is great because:

  • You can create cardboard cutouts of anybody! Friends, relatives, work colleagues, celebrities - they can all get the life size standup treatment.
  • You can make as many cutouts as you want. Why not turn it into a small home based business opportunity, and make cutouts for all your friends and family?
  • The software works with any photo. While most pople use photos of people, don't forget it also works on photos of your pet dog, favorite Star Wars alien or any other photo.
  • The software allows you to make cardboard cutouts using just a standard home PC printer.
  • There are hints and tips about making your life sized person weather proof.
  • There are also useful hints about how to select the ideal photo to use with the software, plus how to find really top quality photos of celebrities.

So this software makes it really easy to create great looking life sized cardboard cutouts from any photos. Make a few cardboard cutouts and you'll make a huge saving compared with having to buy them from a company and wait for delivery.


  • Cardboard cutout software. All the software and instructions you need for making an unlimited number of cardboard cut-out people from any photograph.
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