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Java Banner Ad Rotator Applet

This simple Java Applet can be used to display a selection of images, each of which is linked to a different URL. Each of the images is shown after a specified amount of time.

Warning! Java is no longer supported by many web browsers, so consider using this JavaScript version of the banner ad rotator instead.

Applet Parameters

SleepTime: the number of seconds to wait before displaying next image.
DebugMode: include this parameter to turn on Applet debugging to the Java console.
ImageFolder: folder that contains the images.
CursorStyle: include this parameter to display a hand cursor when mouse is moved over Applet (instead of the default mouse pointer).
TargetFrame: the name of the frame in which to open the URL the Applet links to (default is same window).
Image1...10: name of the image file name (max. 10 images can be displayed).
Hyperlink1...10: URL that each image should link to.

Example Usage

The Banner Ad shown above was incorporated into the page using the following HTML:

height="60" VIEWASTEXT>
<param name="SleepTime" value="6">
<param name="Image1" value="ASPDocumentationToolBannerAd3.gif">
<param name="Image2" value="WinnershTriangleWebSolutions_BannerAd.gif">
<param name="Image3" value="AmazonAd2_anim.gif">
<param name="Hyperlink1" value="h">
<param name="Hyperlink2" value="">
<param name="Hyperlink3" value="">
<param name="CursorStyle" value="hand">
<param name="TargetFrame" value="_blank">
<param name="ImageFolder" value="images/">

Using the Applet on your website

To use the Applet on your website, save the following .class file somewhere in your website:

Once you have done this, modify the Applet's parameters as shown above. Don't forget to change the Applet's width and height to the same dimensions as your images.


If the Applet does not appear to be working, then consider using the debug mode. This is activated by using the DebugMode parameter, e.g.

<param name="DebugMode" value="1">

The Applet will then output debugging information to the Java Console. On Netscape 4, the console is made visible using the menu command Communicator > Tools > Java Console.


The Applet has to download each of the images over the Internet, so the fewer images you use the better performance the user will see. There is a hard coded limit of 10 images per Applet.

Although the Applet can display GIF images in animated GIF format, not all animations work particularly well.

Source Code

The source code for the Applet is available using the link below:

Legal issues

The Java Applet has been released as 'freeware'. No technical support is available for this product.

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