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As a computer user, you get used to occupational health advisors fussing over you, making sure you have the correct posture, that your keyboard, mouse and chair are comfortable and that you don't have any pain issues when typing.

You'd be right in thinking that the modern office environment is extremely dangerous, and you'd be much safer with a career as a soldier or Hollywood stuntman!

Cases of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are now soaring. While some RSI type pains are caused by playing musical instruments or sports such as tennis (tennis elbow is a similar symptom) and golf, the overwhelming number of RSI cases are experienced by office workers who have to use a computer keyboard and mouse for some or all of the day.

In many cases RSI symptoms become so bad that the RSI sufferer is forced to reduce their working hours, reduce their computer usage or even give up their job altogether.

While in some cases occupational health advisors are able to make adjustments to a computer user's environment, sometimes RSI becomes entrenched, and it can be difficult to resolve. The sufferer is often forced to take extensive time off work, and has a difficult time trying to figure out if medication, surgery, ergonomic devices, footrests, physiotherapy, dietary changes or exercise are the answer to their problems.

The encourging thing is that many people have cured their RSI, but the techniques required to overcome RSI are not generally known.

Fortunately a new website - seeks to change that. This website promises an innovative cure for RSI. It really does work! Give it a go, and see how much better your life is without the scourge of RSI to worry about.

  • - get rid of RSI once and for all. No drugs, no diet changes, no special exercises.
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